I love going to new places. My dream for my kids is that we get out every couple months (once a month in my far off dreams) and travel to somewhere new. We make these amazing beautiful memories and can’t stop talking about them till we book another trip thats just amazing as the last.

Like I said this is my dream. Once in a while we act on it and book the trip and yes tons of memories are made and we have fun, but I’d be lying to you if I said it was easy. Its hard so hard some days.

This was our first trip with all three to the beach. My other kids have been to the beach but this was the first time I had taken a baby to the beach. I turned to my trusted following on FB to get the scoop on what to take and though it was super helpful and loaded with Pinterest hacks, I needed it to be more simple. Unfortunately it really wasn’t warm enough to even get in the beach but this was a great opportunity for me to really catch my bearings for future trips! Here’s my list of things to bring!

Things that are essential for parents on the beach:

  1. Alcohol….yup thats right I said it. Obviously I’m not telling you to get sloshed. No thats not responsible. What I am telling you is to make a mimosa and drink it at the beach and try and remember the good ol’ days when you had perky breast and were proud of your tramp stamp and your name was simply your name not the word Mom said fifty times in a row.
  2. Baby Powder…Baby powder is totally looked down upon in todays society. That little bottle our parents threw all over our butts is apparently loaded with toxins that if we inhale causes cancer. I learned from my amazing fb family that baby powder has a secret power. It gets sand off the body! I hate sand. Once its there it pretty much never leaves but baby powder is a great way to get it OFF the body before heading inside. NOTE: In the middle of a temper-tantrum I dragged (literally đŸ™‚ ) Jay from the beach covered in sand (still wet) threw baby powder all over him and started rubbing, not only did it not come off but he screamed at me. Moral of the story…wait till sand is dry.
  3. Sunscreen…unlike the baby powder scenario I do care about my kids skin and the stuff that gets put on it. BeautyCounter is always my go to! Can’t argue products that don’t have any chemicals in them.
  4. Sun Tent…I had heard lot about sun tents…they were a must have. I did lots of research on different one and I found one I loved. Took about 10 minutes to set up. Probably could have taken less time if Max wasn’t loosing his mind…it stayed at the beach about five minutes before we moved it to the pool area where he finally fell asleep for about an hour which was straight magical.
  5. A book you love… I actually kinda laugh as I write this…I brought my book, my laptop, my journal, my planner and none of them even got touched. BUT in the case that you can and the stars all align that book paired with that mimosa will be  a magical moment.

Vacations are hard. Fun but with kids they are hard. Remind yourself over and over the memories that are being made. On the car ride home I stressed to my husband that I was so worried about everyone being behaved that I missed the mark. He made a point, they won’t remember those moments, but they will remember that time we went to Florida. Lord I hope so.

Picture drop of our vacation below.


Already planning out next adventure! I’m probably crazy but the opportunity to make memories always gets me! Would love to hear where y’all went for Spring Break this year!