one. Old Navy Flip Flops

I’m currently obsessed with pretty much everything Old Navy in the summer, but their flip flops hold a pretty special place in my heart. They are durable, comfy, super cute and so affordable you can buy one for each day of the week.  About a million different adorable styles and even better these were only $2! Mommas don’t forget to check out the kids section! Snagged these super cute ones earlier this week!


two. Popsicles After Dinner

In a best effort to be the coolest mom evah, I sent daddy to the grocery store to reward these cute kiddos for good behavior with popsicles after dinner. Its summer so why not!


three. Red, White, + Blue

Gotta love three cute little kiddos decked out in Americana gear. So thankful for these three and our amazing country. We had an amazing 4th of July!

Jay + Max’s outfits are both Old Navy; Sophia’s was given to her by a friend

four. Cheap Water Play

I never thought I wanted a pool. To much maintenance for me, but this Texas heat is killing me and desperate times call for impulse Amazon purchases. Found the kids an awesome (blowup) pool and got Max this sweet water table. Hours of entertainment equals a happy momma.

five. Canned Rosé

Sway Rosé is Texas made an oh so yummy! Light and airy and easy to drink. Perfect drink to cool off any momma this summer. I found it at my local Whole Foods, but it can also be found at these locations.





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