Thought I would try and share with you peeps every Friday somethings that are blowing my mind right now (in a good way!). Being pregnant these favs are mostly going to center around that for the next couple months. 🙂

#1 Bio Oil – There are tons of oils that mommas can use to prevent stretch marks or lather up with to make that growing skin feel better. I’ve used TONS and this stuff through each pregnancy has been my favorite. Once you enter the second trimester the directions say to apply it twice daily. I put it on first thing in the morning and then let it dry a bit while I’m putting on my makeup and getting ready and then again before I go to bed. I love this stuff!

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#2 Halo Top Ice Cream – I’m a pretty healthy eater but lets be serious, I’m pregnant and at the end of the day a little ice cream treat is often on the agenda lol. This stuff is amazing and actually pretty healthy!! Not only is it low in calorie but also super high in protein and low in sugar. Good stuff to fight the craving AND not indulge in too much guilt. By far my fav is the Peanut butter cup.  So far I’ve found it at Target, Walmart, Tom Thumb, Kroger, and of course Whole Foods.

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#3 Active Maternity Workout: I’m happy to report that I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle so far while pregnant while mostly from home. These Active Maternity Workouts are based on the different Trimesters so they are tailored to each woman and even have a postpartum workout to help you get up and moving after little baby comes. They are each about 20-30 minutes and involve little equipment (just light weights) and can be streamed for any device. Adding them into my current yoga & pilates routine twice a week has been amazing. The workouts are lead by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabreeze (creator of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme) and can be found with tons of other programs for maternity and postpartum through the all-access challenge pack. Click HERE to get all access to Active Maternity.

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#4 Pregnancy Pillow: If you haven’t got one of these do yourself a huge favor and get one. Your welcome. I got this super cheap one from Amazon for $39.99. There are several different ways you can sleep with it, but as your body grows sleeping becomes more and more uncomfortable, this is a huge help. I use the Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow and love it. Plus its not taking up the entire bed leaving no room for your husband.

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#5 Epsom Salt Baths: I’m embarrassed to admit this is totally new for me. At 32 years old I had never taken an epsom salt bath. After my first trip to a Chiropractor last week they told me I had to take a bath and soak in Epsom Salt for 20 minutes after. I felt so relaxed and amazing after I’ve done it several times since and making this a weekly routine. Add a candle and my favorite book and its even more magical. Pregnancy can cause serious aches and pains in the body and this is a great non-invasive way to rid your body of toxins, ease muscle pains, and relax. My favorite is HERE.

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Thats it! Those are my obsessions this week! What were some of your favorite pregnancy must-haves? I would love to hear and try them out!



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