I love Italian food. Like I could eat it every night. Fun fact for anyone that is new to knowing me or reading the blog my husband and I used to own an Italian restaurant in DC.

In an effort to clean up my food my love for Italian food has come to a bit of a halt. I’ve made changes like pasta to zoodles…but a couple weeks ago when I was craving arancini  I knew I needed a healthy option. This is where I love Pinterest for the inspiration and often a really good recipe 🙂

Stole this recipe from Skinny Taste and couldn’t have been happier about it. My presentation still needs work but the taste was spot on 👌🏼. Let me be clear this is an all hands recipe. LOL. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever made but it was tasty.


I recently have really struggled with wanting my body to bounce right back and enjoying amazing food and wine. These little cauliflower balls of deliciousness really were the perfect mix for me. Even my gorgeous Italian husband agreed they were good.

My theory is life’s short. Right now my main goal is to feel good and enjoy my life. I’m working on aligning goals to go along with that. Some days that means a glass of wine <3 I have to remind myself…HELLOOOO you are six months postpartum. Give yourself a break.



Let me know if you try these! They were so amazing  and you can find the recipe I used HERE!



Rachael <3