I pray every night. But recently I’ve spent more time praying than normal.

For a while there I felt like life was moving full force. I had a moment of literally falling to my knees asking (okay maybe begging) God to show me some answers or more specifically some direction. The signs or breadcrumbs just kept coming! I was thrilled! Everything seemed to fall perfectly in place.

As life happens. I became busy and I lost my focus. My brain was scattered and as a mom who runs on a pretty strict and tight schedule that is not a good. My brain seemed to be running a mile a minute, with zero function, limited sleep, and accomplishing nothing. I stopped hitting my knees in prayer and quit going to my meditation space and still couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get myself together.

My Spiritual Selfish Mom Love Language was not being met. I wasn’t taking the time to reconnect to God (higher power) and myself. I wasn’t taking the time to ask for guidance ( I hate asking for help!) or taking the time to stop sit in silence and listen to his response.


My amazing husband has continued to remind me of my goal for the year. Maybe I’m stubborn, maybe I use timing as an excuse, or maybe its fear. No I take that back its definitely fear and thats not the way I want to operate. I’m thankful when he’s able to call me on my crap…or my fear.

So I decided to get back on my knees and prayed about it. I meditated in my car (because that was the only time I had). I buried my face in an amazing book or books really (still reading – more on that in the coming weeks!) and decided once again to ask for guidance. I asked that God give me breadcrumbs and signs on what my next move should be.

I won’t go into all the details just yet, but lets just say God is calling me to continue to build the Selfish Mom Movement group and is calling me help others through an avenue that I knew I wanted to take but was fearful to approach.

I will not allow fear to take over an opportunity. As always thank you for following my journey. I have some really exciting things planned for my life, my readers, my followers so subscribe, like, follow, whatever you have to do because you don’t want to miss out on whats to come.