Never thought I would be writing this post.

Honestly, if you know my back story my last two pregnancies didn’t involve fitness – unless of course you consider walking to the cupcake shop fitness, in that case there was a lot of fitness, lol.

I was miserable both pregnancies. Back pain, bloating, complaining, excessive weight gain…I didn’t enjoy any of it at all. I developed strong feelings of depression and exhaustion and just flat-out feeling gross, and all those carried over to the postpartum phase as well.

With this being my FINAL (I’m serious about this – snip snip) pregnancy I know I’m meant to show the world something different this time. That no matter how you went through this journey before it can be changed the second, third, fourth (or what ever kid your on) time around.

At 20 weeks pregnant I am happy to report I feel amazing. No Ahh-MAZING. I’ve taken my health and how I feel as my number one priority. I’ve continued with working out at least 4-5 days a week, drinking Shakeology daily, and yup I’m still using those fun little portion control containers just upping my daily calorie intake by about 150 calories a day. My focus on food is fueling this little man to grow healthy (with a few treats mixed in as well) and continuing to live 80/20, because YOLO, right?
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I’ve gained 12 pounds and though I will admit its hard to work this hard and not see the scale go down, I feel better than ever knowing I’m doing something really good for my little man in there. So good I want to pay this feeling forward!

I will be opening a private online accountability group April 24th just for any Momma’s to Be <3 What you can expect from the group:

*Meal plans designed just for you and that growing baby (even some treats you don’t have to feel guilty about)

*Access to over 800 online workouts (totaling over $7000!) that are both safe for pregnancy and help you bounce back into shape faster after little one arrives.

*A month Supply of My favorite meal of the day, Shakeology. Which is a once a day protein shake that is actually sooo much more than that. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, helps curb cravings and my doctor was shocked that I found something THIS healthy to add to my diet each day.

*My favorite portion control containers! These bad boys are so helpful! Color coded and their size is actually shocking…they look super small but equals so much food.

*Last but not least me as your free COACH! I’ve helped hundreds of people in the last three years reach their fitness goals and I’m excited to reach out to a whole new group of Momma’s-to-be to maintain healthy pregnancies and transition into a healthy postpartum journey.

Next steps…

So how do you get in this amazing group?

Right now send me an email with your pregnancy and postpartum goals <> and we can get you started and all set up!

Excited to chat with all you momma’s ready to take on this new fitness journey with you!