In less than two months the clock will strike midnight and we will be entering a new decade! Gah can you believe it?! 2020 Here we come!

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Whose excited? Usually I never make it to midnight lol. I’m an early bird and if my husband’s lucky I make it to the East Coast New Year but this year feels different. I couldn’t really figure it out until I sat down looking over my last year and it clicked! I sat there looking at my vision board for the last year and immediately I went yes…yes…yes…It was like a light bulb went off and I realized my excitement for a new year and decade was stemming from the vision I’ve created (thank you God!) and the work I’ve done over the last year to get me excited about whats coming next.

For years I’ve made vision or dream boards as some people call them. Most people think its simply cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them on a poster board. The poster board hits the back of the closet, collecting dust and by mid year is forgotten about or you do remember to pull it back out and you’re disappointed by it when you see all the things you haven’t done.

Or even worse, and what I see with so many of my clients, is that they don’t even take the time to create a vision! They think it’s silly, they will never be able to manifest what they want, its a waste of time, or they don’t even know where to start on finding their vision and then bringing it to life!

I wallowed in this mindset once too. Its time to get out of it thought Mommas!

I get it your busy, exhausted, have a full plate and to do list that seems unending. But somewhere deep down in side there you have a vision for your life that doesn’t involve sticky little fingers. Or maybe you did and you lost it or maybe you have no idea where to even start!

Let me help you.

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This is so much more than just cutting and pasting a picture from a magazine. This is about finding a life that you are passionate about. Waking up everyday excited to pack those lunch boxes (okay that might be a stretch haha) and ready to focus on something that makes YOU feel not just good, but freaking amazing.

You are worthy of dreams and desires. And guess what you can still be a good mom. Actually I’m going to take bet that you’ll be a better mom.

With 2020 being the release of my FIRST book, (*Details Coming Soon*) Selfish Mom Project Retreat, and two massive Courses, I’m feeling amped up and ready to end the year STRONG and I want you to as well. I have opened up my calendar for Private 1 on 1 Sessions at the lowest Holiday prices I have EVER offered in order to give you a head start on the coming year! Find details on how to claim your spot in the Let’s Work Together page at the top.

Because creating a community of moms has always been my goal, make sure you subscribe over there on the right to get updates for our monthly Selfish Mom Project Events! Our first event is November 20th, there are two time slots available (10-12pm and 8-10pm) and tickets are $25! At this event I will be going through my vision board process, showing you the best ways to manifest, find your passion and spoiler alert…we burn things that no longer serve us, and its so fun!

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Here’s what my amazing friend Amy Vanderoef said about the Vision Board party I hosted for her and girlfriends:

Rachael Tapper’s Vision Board Party was exactly the surprise and delight my single friends needed! When Rachael came to my home, her energy was warm and inviting…I immediately saw the room exhale! She is prepared and engaging, and has a true gift as a leader!

Not a local Momma? No worries! Because I truly think help in creating vision should be available to everyone…I’m hosting a Virtual Mom’s Night In where I will be showing you how to create a vision board and all the next steps for manifesting it in real life. Virtual Mom’s Night will be on December 19th and more information will be found on the Selfish Mom Project FB page! So get yourself in THERE!

If you got this far and your still not sure about all this Vision board stuff, I get it! But PLEASE  momma don’t flake on your dreams and passion and the vision you have for your life. You are so worthy of doing the things that your heart desires and being a mom.

Here’s what my wonderful friend Silver Hogue said about the last vision board party I hosted for them!

“I attended Rachael’s Vision board party with a colleague and I’m so glad I did! Not only was it a great way to meet new people, it also helped me remember my purpose and the things I’m most passionate about. It was so therapeutic to talk and get crafty and creative with other women. By the end of the night I had made a bunch of new friends. Rachael is very inspiring and insightful, and makes you feel really comfortable opening up and getting in touch with yourself. I couldn’t recommend having one of these parties more!”

These parties are my favorite so if you are local and have a chance to attend one of these events GET YOURSELF THERE! Spots are filling up very fast and I’m ready to work with some amazing ladies!

Post below a vision you have for the new year!