Anyone struggle with this word?
I find when I let my anxiety get the best of me THIS word is usually a huge culprit for it.
When negative thoughts creep in…this word usually is floating around there somewhere trying to be first in line on the negative train.
When something positive happens – THIS word is the word that use to sit in the back of my head, arms waving plaguing me and making think I wasn’t ‘enough’ to have all this good stuff happen.
I’m here to remind you on this amazing wonderful Monday morning that you are indeed enough.

You were perfectly designed my God to be enough.


You are worthy of all your goals and dreams.


You are a good mom, even on the days you don’t feel like and the exhaustion is too much.

You are enough even if your kid has a runny nose, grass stains on their knees, and their hair doesn’t look brushed (even though they said they brushed it).

You are enough even if someone tells you that you aren’t.

You are enough no matter what Pinterest and the other experts say.


You are enough, you are loved, you were designed to be great just as you are.

Embrace all of it.