Summer is flying by! I wish I could tell you I remember every single detail but pregnancy brain completely has the best of me most days and I’ve completely lacked on updating this blog with everything going on in life. So I figured today was the day….

Home renovations:

We are pretty much complete here. Little minor things (like a water leak that ruined part of our floors in the kitchen) will just have to wait and get done over time. I’m past the point of stressing about it and still struggling to just find time to get pictures back on the walls. Hopefully we have some time this weekend to get all that done and I can show some updated pictures next week of all the progress that was made.


Sophia has had quite the exciting summer. A trip to Missouri with grandparents and now  currently enjoying her last night at Pine Cove sleep away camp. This was her first year being away from us for an entire week. The camp looked amazing and this hover mom is so grateful they have an app for parents where they update pictures of the kids daily and send us letters they have written. I miss her dearly and being the only girl in the house makes me realize how much I love having our special moments together. I absolutely can not wait to hear all about her week tomorrow.


Jay also has had a great summer! He recently discovered how to call people via FaceTime on his iPad and spends random moments sneaking away to call everyone on his list. Its hilarious, annoying and embarrassing all at the same time. The last week we’ve had him all to ourselves and had so much fun. We saw the new Spiderman (so cute!). Him and I took a trip to lego land and the aquarium and this boy was in heaven. The kid who never wants a picture taken asked me to take about 50 the entire day. If you haven’t been to Lego Land Discovery Center – absolutely go! He played legos for hours and we even got to watch a really cool 4-D movie! Such a fun day watching him in HIS element and

I’ve noticed him getting super clingy to me recently and I think its a mixture of Sophia being gone and knowing the baby is coming soon. I’m doing my best to show him how big his role is in our family and how special his place is in my heart. It will be an interesting adjustment!


Business wise I’m working on amazing new project/course for my clients! I’m super excited and currently working on finishing touches. This project is HUGE and something I have never done before but so excited to share with you all. The impact I see it having on others will be life changing.

Excited to share the coming weeks and all the changes happening in our lives as we get ready for baby brother (who still has no name.)