This book was everything I didn’t expect it to be. It popped up when I least expected it to which is usually how books do, and honestly it took me forever to read. Not because it was long or boring, but I truly believe there were some parts that I just needed to wait a minute to read till they fit that moment of my life. Parts of me weren’t ready for that change yet, so I needed to read slower. By the time that part of my life hit and I got to that sweet spot in the book, I could not put this book down.

I love telling stories and writing. I like to think I’m good at at least one of those. In almost 33 years of life I have met some crazy interesting (and sometimes just crazy) people, and had some crazy amazing, sad, hilarious, happy, spiritual things happen to me. I’ve been told countless times to ‘write a book’ but currently right now I don’t feel that’s where God is taking me. Right now.

This ‘season’ of life with two kids, a busy schedule, and being pregnant my mojo for story telling and writing was nonexistent. Which is why the lack in updating my blog or siting down to write just wasn’t happening. Depression took over and sitting down to write or do anything frankly that I loved felt like dread instead of joy. My creative juices were gone.

Big Magic gave me the creative kick in the booty I (and this blog) so needed and I have to share my 5 biggest take aways from this book in hopes that whatever rut your in it helps.

#1 You don’t need to ‘suffer’ for your creativity – Suffering is the opposite of happiness. Your creative outlet (whatever that may be!) should bring you JOY not pain. Quit thinking starving artist and instead think creative genius. Just changing the the though process of what your about to do in your mind can make a HUGE difference.

#2 Have an Affair with Your Creativity <3 – Think of when your watching a movie and there are two actors having a love affair. They sneak away to meet and romance, find hidden staircases and never let a moment of their time together be distracted by anything else because that time is limited. Be like that with your creativity! Take it to dinner, romance it, when its your time to spend with it put your phone away and only concentrate on IT.

#3 Quit Pressuring Your Creativity to Pay the Bills –  This was a big one for me. Obviously I would love my blog, writing and story telling to play a significant role in my income. Thats the plan! But the pressure I was putting on my creativity to come to life was way to much to actually make that happen. If all your life you have wanted to be an artist and paint the day away – thats amazing- but give yourself a back up plan or gig so that all the pressure isn’t on your creativity.

#4 Quit Asking for a Permission Slip – Your creativity is just that its YOURS and no one else’s. Who care about what your doing. If it feels good and beautiful and is lighting your fire then keep on. Your not hurting anyone else so quit waiting for some one to give you permission to do what makes you happy.

#5 Stop Complaining – Complaining leads to negativity and negativity leads inspiration and creativity leaving the brain. We all have that friend that just nothing ever goes right in her life. Why is that? Why can just not one thing go right for them? Probably because their mindset is stuck in complaining mode instead of positive thoughts that lead to amazing inspiration.

There were so many other nuggets that I’m sure I will share over the next couple months when I need to remind myself of them. This book was amazing and a must read for anyone struggling with a lack of inspiration in life.

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Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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