September has finally arrived and I have officially sent off my big kids to their first day of school. Sophia started 3rd grade last week and Jay is just started his last year of preschool today.

There are moments this morning I am literally shocked I actually survived the summer. Not only did I keep two kids alive but grew and gave birth to another baby, just thinking about it all makes me exhausted. But here I am alive and showered on this wonderful September day.

For years I have looked forward to the day when all my children would be in school full time. I never thought this moment would lead me back to the beginning of my health and fitness journey — AGAIN of re-doing the whole postpartum thing. But I’ve accepted this new mission and I’m ready to start sharing my journey and helping other momma’s again. It was a nice break this summer but my body is so ready for the work!

I’m currently only three weeks postpartum and as much as I would love to get super sweaty and start lifting weights, I am reminding myself that only three weeks ago my body did a crazy amazing thing and grew and pushed out a baby that was over 7 lbs! I need to completely let it heal from the inside out. So we are gonna start this process slow.

My new sweet little assistant Max

Though I only gained about 27lbs  this pregnancy (and have almost lost it all!) my sweet little Max <3 left me with the dreaded diastasis recti that so many of us mom’s get after pregnancy. If your not aware of what diastasis recti is in short explanation its the separation of the abdominal muscles. Its often the cause of what some call the Mummy Tummy causing women to still look pregnant for months or even years after they actually give birth and is often paired with pelvic floor problems too…sounds fun right 🙁 Yeah no, lol.

Normal exercises that you would do for your core to tighten it up like crunches, planks, sit-ups, oblique twists or anything basically jack-knifing your body are HUGE no-no’s and can actually cause MORE damage. What’s that leave you with then? Well I’m making it my mission to find out! I’m working on creating mini workouts (A 30 day Challenge) and safe cardio (thats not too hard on the body while it heals) that are not only safe for those of us suffering from the Mummy Tummy or recovering from birth but can actually help restore the pelvic floor and bring the abs closer together.

I’m also ready to start really focusing on my nutrition again and not using breastfeeding as a reason to say yes to French fries every time they are near me. I know I’ve got to eat an additional 500 calories while breastfeeding but that doesn’t mean it needs to be loaded cheese fries and frankly this already exhausted momma knows foods like that do nothing but actually make me more exhausted. Time to fuel with GOOD food and limit those that make me bloated, gross, and do nothing for my milk supply.

Three Weeks Postpartum Selfie 🙂 

Excited to share my journey with you over the next 30 days and hope to see many of you in my group that will start mid – October. This life is a crazy wild ride, and while I never thought I would literally be starting from scratch again, I know God is using me in this moment to do it the right way and show others it CAN be done. There won’t be lots of over night changes and I’ve got a ways to go but I’m excited to start coaching you all again into a healthier lifestyle and getting the results.