Over the years affirmations have contributed a huge amount to my daily emotional and mental well being.

I suffer big time to listening to that negative self talking monster that lives in the back of your head. You know that voice that tells your your not good enough or you can’t do something? I’ve let it paralyze me before and it’s prevented me from doing some pretty amazing things.

It wasn’t until every personal development book I have ever read started talking about daily affirmations…and then when you realize Oprah does them too? Yeah you jump on that train!

So I sat down one day and started writing them in the notes section of my phone and spending five minutes a day reading them to myself. I started small but realized the impact that those affirming statements had on my life was actually making a HUGE impact.

I then added to my day. I started setting three alarms on my phone that would go off with affirmations I really needed to hear more often through the day.

6:15 am – I am worthy of love & success.

9:30 am – It’s okay to say no to things that do no serve me.

12:00 pm – I am entitles to Miracles.

4:00 pm – I would rather be happy than right.

When I started the Selfish Mom Movement, I wanted to create a space for Mom’s to connect, be inspired, and lift each other up! I wanted to really teach the tools I think Mom’s need DAILY and I didn’t want it to cost an arm or a leg so I started doing Daily Affirmations for the group. I don’t get them in the group EVERYday BUT I usually try and give a couple a week that have helped me through the last couple years.

Here are some of my favs! Feel free to print these off and post them where you will see them the most or save them to your phone or create alarms like I do! What ever you need to do to flood your inside voice with positive words about yourself. IMG_1369IMG_1318IMG_1299IMG_1276IMG_1220IMG_1162

Would love to know how these work for you and what affirmations you use for yourself!

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