Making some big changes over here that I’m beyond excited about. <3

I enjoy writing. A lot. I enjoy a lot of stuff actually. For a while I was feeling un-inspired because I wanted MORE. I was stuck in that ascending lifestyle —MORE MORE MORE and not enjoying my work, this blog, or life really. Anyone else ever feel like they too are stuck in this cycle of going up?

Quote from my morning journal session early last week:

“I often miss the beauty of my wonderful, beautiful life because I’m so focused on reaching more, doing more, having more. I’m afraid if I don’t stop I’ll miss all the simple and beautiful moments because I’m looking up and not down at these precious creatures.”

It was a big realization for me that I needed a ‘rebrand’ of life and maybe this blog too. I want this to be something fun, inspirational, real & raw, an outlet and maybe somedays a life line for other moms. I want it to be “lifestyle”….Oooh I like that a “Selfish Mom Project Lifestyle.” I’ve spent many hours over the last couple days/weeks coming up with new themes to make this page fun and something you WANT to wake up and read daily.

What crazy/inspirational/hilarious thing is Rachael going to post about today.” LOL

I want this to be fun, inspirational, whats worked for me, but not super pinterest-y if that makes sense….


So what can you expect?

Mondays – Mommas Who Motivate Me + Weekend Recaps

Tuesdays – Selfish Mom Project Ideas + Momma + Me Zone (This day could get really crazy because you never know whats coming atcha. Going to be many different things)

Wednesday – Workouts + Meal Planning + Nutrition + Fitness Inspiration

Thursday – Book Reviews + Gratitude + Manifesting + Vision Boards + Inspiration

Friday – Food + All my Favs (ppl to follow, products, places to go, stores, cocktails) + Weekend Survival Guide

Hope you dig the change coming your way and I can inspire you to HAVE FUN and be a little Selfish đŸ™‚ Would love to hear about what your looking forward to and want to hear more of!