Back to School, Time for you

Anyone else love the back to school smell? Part of me is a little sad this year as I send my middle child off to the big world of kindergarten, but the other part of me is smelling that amazing back to school smell they call….


I don’t even mind the early mornings because it forces me to wake up just a bit earlier to get in my ‘me’ time whether thats through journaling, gratitude, mediation, working out, reading a good book – that time is mine again.

With my sweet third kid hitting up MDO this fall I’ve decided to officially launch my personal training business not only to the Dallas area BUT internationally! Yup thats right! Starting September 1st I will be launching my first ever Selfish Mom {Virtual} Bootcamp!

In the past I have always done Fitness Accountability Groups in September but this ONE, y’all its going to be the BEST yet!

We are starting off the school year with a 4-Week Virtual Bootcamp and there are three different options to join:

Tier 1: Basic Selfish Momma – $19.99 (entire 4 weeks)
– 2 workouts delivered to your email each week
– 2 Healthy Recipes the whole family will love
– Weekly Selfish Mom newsletter
– Free Access to the Selfish Mom Project September Group w daily accountability

Tier 2: Selfish Momma – $45.99 (entire 4 weeks)
– 4 Workouts delivered to your email each week
– 4 Day Meal Plan (duh family friendly)
– Weekly Selfish Mom Newsletter
– Free Access to the Selfish Mom Project September Group w daily accountability

Tier 3: Pro Selfish Momma – $75.99
– FOUR weeks of complete workouts (6 workouts/week)
– 7 Day Suggested meal plan for the best results
– Selfish Mom Accountability Journal (pdf) to track your progress daily!
– 2 Videos sent to your email on Meal Planning & the Selfish Mom Love Languages
– Private Q & A session over zoom
– 10% Discount on all other future services
-Free access to the Selfish Mom Project September Group w daily accountability

Amazing right? So excited to get started working with all of you! If you have ever been in my groups in the past you know the energy is amazing!

If your ready to make the commitment to YOURSELF send me an email {}

Are you local and want to work together in PERSON?! EEEK! I can’t wait! Email me to find where you can find me!


Happy Birthday Max

To my Maximus on your 1st birthday:

I’m not sure how exactly it happened but a whole year has gone by. You are officially one!

You Maximus are my surprise. A surprise I never expected and a surprise I could never do without.

I love when you see me, your dad or brother and sister your sweet eyes light up so big.

I love that your not anyone’s ‘boy’, you truly love your entire family as a unit.

I love that you share a birthday with my brother, who was also a surprise.

I love how your a little bit naughty and sneak your food off the high chair and to the dogs.

When you smile your eyes squint just like mine. I love that you have that like me.

That sweet dimple and those piercing blue eyes like your daddy reminds me before I know it I’ll be fighting the girls away for your attention.

I love how people stop us literally everyday and every where to get a smile from you. You are electric, magnetic and I hope you use those qualities to do good in the world one day.

I love how you look just like Jack Jack from incredibles, no hair and cute as ever.

I pray every single day that you do two things…that you love God with everything in you and that you are a good human.

I want you to trust in God because you are truly proof that we have no control and he has his own plan. And sometimes when your plan doesn’t work out remember he has something better in store for you.

You were that something better for me. You are my daily reminder to surrender to God. That his plan is always better.

Thank you my sweet Maxy for the last year. It was a wild ride. I’m still tired from most of it lol but my heart is fuller with all three of you than I could ever imagine.

Your family loves you and I hope (pray) this is one of 100 happy birthdays you have in your lifetime.

I love you sweet boy.

{Photo drop of our last year}