Maximus 11 Month Update

Our precious boy is 11 Months! Each day feels like it is flying by. I go through stages where I’m so curious for him to grow more and see his sweet personality grow and still wanting his to stay a baby a little while longer since he’s the last one.

But as time does, it moves and here he is 11 months old! I think in the last couple weeks his personality has really blossomed. We have found he is very smart (notices everything), very silly, and a little sneaky and naughty, which I love. His new favorite thing is too play in the toilet and then when he gets caught yell, “Yuck!” Its hilariously cute. He is determined in almost everything he does except walking which he has no interests in doing yet (only a couple steps here and there). His sweet blue eyes shine and he almost always has a smile on his face. He’s crazy about his family.

This month he got to go on his THIRD road trip (and was a champ) to visit his great grandparents in Missouri. Even though he was sick he still loved the short trip and I loved watching my grandparents love on another generation. How special that my kids have two sets of great-grandparents and a great-grandma (in Italy)?

I feel like we are finally starting to enter the busy-fun stage of having a baby and its hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating his first birthday! Still coming up with the theme and what we will do but I love planning birthday parties so I know it will be amazing and special.

Thanks for sharing the journey of Max with us. <3


Selfish Mom Friday Favs

one. Old Navy Flip Flops

I’m currently obsessed with pretty much everything Old Navy in the summer, but their flip flops hold a pretty special place in my heart. They are durable, comfy, super cute and so affordable you can buy one for each day of the week.  About a million different adorable styles and even better these were only $2! Mommas don’t forget to check out the kids section! Snagged these super cute ones earlier this week!


two. Popsicles After Dinner

In a best effort to be the coolest mom evah, I sent daddy to the grocery store to reward these cute kiddos for good behavior with popsicles after dinner. Its summer so why not!


three. Red, White, + Blue

Gotta love three cute little kiddos decked out in Americana gear. So thankful for these three and our amazing country. We had an amazing 4th of July!


Jay + Max’s outfits are both Old Navy; Sophia’s was given to her by a friend 

four. Cheap Water Play

I never thought I wanted a pool. To much maintenance for me, but this Texas heat is killing me and desperate times call for impulse Amazon purchases. Found the kids an awesome (blowup) pool and got Max this sweet water table. Hours of entertainment equals a happy momma.

five. Canned Rosé

Sway Rosé is Texas made an oh so yummy! Light and airy and easy to drink. Perfect drink to cool off any momma this summer. I found it at my local Whole Foods, but it can also be found at these locations.



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Girl, Wash Your Face – Book Review

Its been awhile but I know y’all love to hear about the books I read so I’m throwing a book review out at you today!

Like every other woman out  there I got my hands on the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’ll be 100% honest with you when I say I had absolutely no idea who this woman was before I bought this book. I bought it on the premise that it was suggested to me from numerous amounts of friends. I’m not even sure if half of them actually read it or they just thought I would like it, but I decided to go for it and at least if I didn’t like it the cover was pretty and it would my a nice addition to my crazy obsession with buying books and forgetting to read them.


That however was not the case. I could not stop reading this book. I try and get myself in a habit to read either one chapter or ten pages a day in a book. Small goals hit every day equals continuously fueling my brain with the good stuff. With this book though I found myself waking up to read and wanting just a little more before I went to bed and curling up with it anywhere I could in between. #obsessed

The idea behind the book is taking a head on look at the lies we tell ourselves and how to over come them. Rachel is honest, actually authentically honest, in the lies over the years she has told herself, the stories behind them and how she turn those lies into the reality of who she really is.

She speaks on struggles with marriage, love, adoption, drinking, mothering, business, and SO. MUCH. MORE and not just in the general sense but in real life – no B.S. fashion that’s straight up good clean fun.

As a Christian myself I loved the references to faith without the overwhelming need to throw it in your face, but to really just establish that we need this faith in literally every single aspect of life

Quick and amazing read, that will have you laughing, maybe cry but definitely relate too.

I always love giving y’all my reading list so if your interested in following along on my next read I’ll be diving straight into my next book <3

xoxo & happy reading


The Art of Making Mom Friends

Making mom friends is one of the scariest parts of being a mom. Hopefully you are lucky and you and all your girlfriends made cute tiny little offspring at the same time. Maybe your like me and started really young when all your girlfriends were still dancing on tables and staying out all night while you were at home nursing around the clock. Or maybe you conquered your career first and decided to wait and now all your friends have kids that are starting school and your season of motherhood is completely different than theirs. Whatever it is, social interaction is key to not losing your mind and going crazy on both your kids and your spouse. You need a tribe(s).

I currently find myself in three different seasons of motherhood. I have a fourth grader, an kindergartener, and a one year old. Trying to find another mom who in the present moment that can relate to all of the seasons I am in is almost impossible but  it’s a really great opportunity to expand my tribe of amazing Mom friends even more. Here are some of my top tips in the Art of Making Mom Friends and how I’ve been able to create several different tribes of amazing ladies.

Get Up and Get out

The struggle is real on how hard it is to shower, leave the house, and change out of your three day old yoga pants. It can be so much work just getting the kids out of the house BUT it is essential that you get out. There are a million places to meet Moms with kids of all ages. Find your local park, a mommy and me class, get involved at your child’s school, attend Mom’s night outs, whatever you can do to get out there and meet people. I promise you someone else out there hasn’t showered for days and they might have the scoop on the newest and best dry shampoo or a wine that doesn’t give you a hangover. As hard or daunting as it may seem you won’t make new friends watching reruns of Southern Charm all day.

Start a Conversation

Getting out of the house isn’t enough. You’ve got to take your wallflower self around and get to know others. I’ve met some of my closest friends at random places (like Target and Olivella’s) just by starting a random conversation. A good place to start is, “how old is your child?” The great thing is you don’t even have to ask for someone’s number anymore if you hit it off, just friend them on social media or take a look at the Peanut app – think Tinder for mom’s.

Be Authentic

Don’t be fake. Don’t shy away from being your true raw, real self. Someone out there needs a friend like you. It’s easy (especially in Dallas) to get caught up in our bubble and care what others think. By doing this your only doing a disservice to yourself and any potential new friends you are making. No two moms are going to do things the same way. If some mom out there isn’t keen on the fact that you feed your kid goldfish from the floor, there’s another mom out there that will plop her kid next to yours and cheers you with a glass of red wine. By being authentic from the beginning your weeding out the relationships that aren’t going to serve you in most positive manner of making true, long lasting, authentic relationships.

Don’t Be Click-y

Don’t be a Regina George, no one really liked her. Make an effort to include everyone. Constantly allow your group to grow. The more the merrier. Even if they don’t wear pink on Wednesdays make them feel welcome. Also don’t seclude yourself to one group of friends. With three different aged kids I make a huge effort to make sure I’m always getting to know different kinds of people. I have fourth grade mom friends, church friends, soccer friends, cheer friends, kindergarten friends, preschool friends, yoga friends, friends who drink a lot of wine, friends who also have three kids and feel like they are going to lose their minds, friends who are older/younger than me…. I think you see the point right? The possibilities should be endless not minimal.

Make the Effort

Once you’ve got a social circle under your belt the final step is continue to make the effort with them. Life can get crazy, every mom knows this, but finding a tribe of Mommas who are going through the same tough season as you can keep your sanity. Do your best to make dates, playdates, text, phone, email whatever you have to do to build the relationship and harness your sanity.


Motherhood is full…full of tough times and amazing times. Finding a tribe (multiple tribes) is important and there are days it will be your means of survival and your sanity all wrapped into one. Do good, be a friend, make a friend, and if you see me anywhere and we don’t know each other, come chat – I’m always looking for more friends.