Food Friday: Cauliflower Arancini

I love Italian food. Like I could eat it every night. Fun fact for anyone that is new to knowing me or reading the blog my husband and I used to own an Italian restaurant in DC.

In an effort to clean up my food my love for Italian food has come to a bit of a halt. I’ve made changes like pasta to zoodles…but a couple weeks ago when I was craving arancini  I knew I needed a healthy option. This is where I love Pinterest for the inspiration and often a really good recipe 🙂

Stole this recipe from Skinny Taste and couldn’t have been happier about it. My presentation still needs work but the taste was spot on 👌🏼. Let me be clear this is an all hands recipe. LOL. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever made but it was tasty.


I recently have really struggled with wanting my body to bounce right back and enjoying amazing food and wine. These little cauliflower balls of deliciousness really were the perfect mix for me. Even my gorgeous Italian husband agreed they were good.

My theory is life’s short. Right now my main goal is to feel good and enjoy my life. I’m working on aligning goals to go along with that. Some days that means a glass of wine <3 I have to remind myself…HELLOOOO you are six months postpartum. Give yourself a break.



Let me know if you try these! They were so amazing  and you can find the recipe I used HERE!



Rachael <3




Maximus 6 Months

We have a SIX MONTH OLD! I know I say it every month but really its passing so fast.

Max is a rolling machine! He rolls everywhere to get where he thinks he needs to go. You put him down in one place, walk away, and come back and he’s not there. He tries so hard to get his little knees underneath him. So much so that he has little rug burns on his poor little knees. He also loves to do downward dog in his crib in the middle of the night. Maybe this is from all the yoga I did when I was pregnant with him.

He still hasn’t mastered sitting up, he’s a little wobbly. Nor has he mastered sleeping of any kind. He did manage to get two teeth finally pop through.


His dog, eating big kid food (we are working on baby led weaning), rolling all over the place, his bouncy seat, his family, stroller walks, his sweet nanny Lettie, trying to grab anything in mom’s hand, snapchat and IG stories,  and his favorite toy is a stuffed carrot.

Max Hates:

Sleeping, red lights, being put in a carseat if he’s not wanting to go, waiting more than five seconds for a bottle, and getting his diaper changed if he’s in the mood to roll more.

Picture drop of Max at 6 Months <3img_1423img_1550img_1484img_1584img_1471img_1381img_1437img_1511img_1274img_1561

As always Thanks for reading <3





I could not be more excited to brag on this momma today. Not only is Jenae a special person for me but her husband is as well…So maybe this is a mixture of a #momcrushmonday and a #mancrushmonday. They are just such a special family to me. Such a good family. You don’t meet people like these people every day. They are GOOD and they deserve all the best. Read her interview and see why. <3


Tell us about yourself…
I’m a child of God, Wife to my best friend(literally I’ve known him since I was 11), Mom to a pretty cool little guy, Dog mom, Hairstylist, Full-time student.
Tell us about your adoption journey.  
This journey has comes with many peaks and valleys, as I write this today and reflect on this journey I’m brought to tears. We went through what they call a independent adoption through our agency. The mother brought us to the agency. There is obviously risk involved and we knew of this. We brought home our sweet boy from the hospital. I held him minutes after he was born. He ended up being with us for 6 weeks before the mother ended up deciding she wanted to parent. She had disappeared while he was in our possession and stopped answering the agency’s phone calls to come finish signing paperwork and showed up saying she had changed her mind. We couldn’t do anything, except give him a kiss and hand him over knowing that there was a good chance we would never see him again. We all love him and miss him everyday.
We took some time to reflect, a few months later after the agency, kept calling us to come see them. We decided that we would explore our options. Turns out we suffer from secondary infertility. We had to make a decision of what course we wanted to go down but ultimately we knew adoption was on our hearts.
Today, we are currently in the Gladney Center for Adoption domestic infant program. We lost all our money with our failed adoption and had to start completely over. In the United States the average price for an adoption is 40k. This time around our money goes towards a finalized adoption so we are not in jeopardy of loosing our funding. All our paperwork is done. We are Texas, Gladney, and home study approved. The only thing holding us back is the funding. We are half way there.
Why is your heart calling you to adopt.
Honestly I’ve always been intrigued by adoption. I remember looking and searching for things about adoption when I was younger. I believe this is where God put it on my heart FIRST. I’m a believer in women’s intuition. I think I always knew Sean an I couldn’t have biological children of our own in my gut. God knew when he put man in my life like Sean that could love a child the way he does that is not is blood he was paving the way for us. Sean 2 years ago now adopted Maddex officially. This experience was a journey in its own way. When we got the phone call from the Birth mom of our failed adoption we didn’t hesitate. Even though that experience was by far the hardest experience I’ve ever been through, it was brought into our life for reason. This experience is what brought us to Gladney, why we are where we are today. I know when we finally hold our child in our arms that everything will make sense.
What’s your biggest struggle with being a Mom?
I’m an enabler. It’s a joke but kind of not, Maddex’s futures wife will hate me. I fluff his clothes in the dryer because he likes warm clothes.(I know ridiculous) I also, like things done a certain way and you know easier for me to do it myself. I’ve got to release some control and let him do things for himself. MUST NOT CONTROL EVERYTHING!
What’s your favorite way to show yourself ‘self love’
I want a killer sweat session. I was a college athlete and nothing beat getting super sweaty. Houston,
August Humidity/Heat, preseason. At the time I hated this but now I literally yearn for it. I NEED to sweat. New Obsession= crazy sweaty spin class.
What’s your favorite BONUS way to be selfish? (Example mani/pedi/massage/facials)
I like to go on my own and purchase something for myself that maybe I’ve been thinking about.
Multiple ways to support Jenae and their sweet family’s desire to have another baby…
The adorable McAdoptions Tee ($20 for a short sleeve shirt and $25 for a long sleeve) Link below
GoFund me Account has been set up for the McCrossen family.
Are you interested in being a #MOMCRUSHMONDAY? Contact me for more information on how to showcase you and your business <3


So excited to be starting something new over here on the blog. With the Selfish Mom Movement growing so fast (over 1,100 amazing MOMs!) I’m meeting so many amazing and inspiring women that I’ve decided to showcase a mom each Monday as my Mom-Crush.

My first Mom-Crush is someone who is incredibly special to me. April and I have been friends for four years. We met through our daughters who go to school together. She is an amazing mom and a dear friend to me. Earlier this year she followed her passion and dreams and became a doula and lactation consultant. I was honored to have her as my Doula during the birth of Max. She was amazing and so professional and I’m so thankful she was with me every step of the way. She is an amazing mom, beautiful inside and out, and such a good friend to me.


Meet April and see why I love love her!

Tell us about yourself….

Hi! I’m April, wife, mom, doula, lactation counselor and believer . I love to dance, we dance all the time in our house. 90’s rap is my favorite music and I have to tone it down a bit when its family dance time.  Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite treat.  Steel magnolias is one of my favorite movies. I love a good book that can whisk me away from the world of reality, I’m currently reading What Alice Forgot and it’s so good so far. I would pick the beach over the mountains any time you ask. There are parts of me that miss the simpler time of not caring what kind of wine I was drinking before my husband taught me about nice wines.
I worked in medical sales for a longtime while I was a single mother.  I didn’t really love the job but I loved being able to support myself.  After my husband and I got married this past year, he encouraged me to follow my heart and become a Doula.  I was always the person who all of my pregnant friends would call for advice or words of encouragement. It was a scary path but now  I’m so grateful for being able to do this work.
Whats a doula and why should be have them? 
A Doula by definition is someone who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born. I feel like I could talk for hours about why you should have a Doula for your birth. Whether you are planning on an unmedicated or medicated birth, there are many benefits to having a Doula. I am the birthing women’s advocate throughout the entire birth and postpartum process. I am there to provide you with evidenced based information for you to make educated decisions about your birth journey. My only focus is on the mom, I am by her side the whole time with comfort measures and keep her focused on what her body is doing. I am truly passionate about empowering women to take control of their birth and leave feeling they are happy with their birth experience.
Whats your biggest struggle in motherhood? 
Ah! This one is very easy for me to answer because I’m always reminding myself that I’m not perfect, my kid isn’t perfect and there is no such thing as perfect. Living in the world of social media we tend to only see the good moments in someone life, which leads us to (falsely) believe that its a true representation of their life. I have to remind myself that those who I see in the “perfect” light probably also have a laundry chair, their kid probably has their moments of talking back or attitude, their husband do things that make them think, “what the heck were you thinking?” and you know what else, they definitely don’t wash their hair every day either because who really has the time for that every single day. Taking a step back and letting me and my family just be us without the pressure of feeling we need to do everything perfect.
Whats your favorite way to have BONUS Selfish Mom time (mani/pedi, facials, massage)?
I am devoted to mani/pedi’s. I go every three weeks for one. I talk with my hands a lot and just love the look of a polished nail. I’ve been going to the same place for years and love my time there. I leave feeling refreshed.
Whats your favorite way to show yourself “self” love? 
I think this question can go back to reminding myself that there is no such thing as perfection. I have to tell myself that I am my own perfectly imperfect version of myself. Telling myself that I am good, I am kind, I am beautiful, that I am enough and deserving of my beautiful family and the happiness they bring to my life.
Whats one word of advice you have for other moms?
Practice patience for your kids, your husband, yourself and everyone around you. If you’re showing everyone patience then I believe that they will show you the same or learn how to better patience themselves. Showing your patience is so important in your self love process.
Whats your Mom Mantra and why? 
You do you! We all want our kids to the best versions of themselves and we all have different ways of getting there. I just explained to my daughter the other day about what “you’re not going to be everyones cup of tea” mean and that was a lesson to myself in the same moment. I have my ways of parenting and other moms have their ways. I love to hear what other moms do in challenging moments to try and grow myself as a parent each day presents itself with a new challenge as a parent. At the end of the day I’m just going to do me and what is best for my family. What works for you may not be everyones cup of tea.
Are you interested in being a #MomCrushMonday and showing casing your amazing Mom skills and business? Would love to be friends and get to know you!  Send me a message here 🙂