Selfish Mom Project: Week 3

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit right? Well week three tested me hard.

There were days this week that I had so many good nuggets planned and to share their soulful insight…Then exhaustion and lack of patience set in and some nights I had to realize plans change and remember my word for the year … FLOW. Go with the flow. <3

I started week three (or Day 17 really) so freaking excited to attend an event only to realize tickets were sold out and there was a waitlist. I panicked got super frustrated with my husband and kids, sent everyone to bed and locked myself outside with a glass of red for a Mommy Time Out! I was frustrated and wondering what the heck I was going to do to make up for it. It was 8:30 pm I was tired and the thought of missing a day with nothing for myself frustrated me more than ever. Opened my book and melted into the cold night air, the book I’m currently obsessed with, and my favorite wine. Took all day and I didn’t know if it was going to happen but that mommy time out I gave myself was the best selfish mom moment I could give myself.

I realized week three needed to be less planned, scaled back financially, and focused more on emotional well being. I needed to end the week feeling good inside with a full heart. I needed to (again) quit stressing so much what had to get done and just enjoy the moments that presented themselves to me. Sometimes its good to plan but sometimes its fun to not and just see what happens.

All in all week 3 (or day 28) is ending perfect and I’m realizing each day the path I’m on isn’t always easy but every minute is totally worth it.

Picture drop of the last ten days.

Day 17 Mommy Time Out – glass of wine, cool night air, and my new favorite book

Day 18 Baby Snuggles & Afternoon Nap

Day 19 Slayed the laundry & New Pj’s

Day 20 Spent the day snuggling my sweet nephew

Day 21 Mother-Daughter Karaoke Night

Day 22 Let the kids create their own dessert. Brownies, marshmallows, with pumpkin drizzle

Day 23 Took my fur baby on a walk 

Day 24 Enjoy the Dallas sunset

Day 25 Force my family in the Christmas Pj’s I bought them

Day 26 90 Minute Hot Yoga Class

Day 27 At Home Spa night

Day 28 Flowers for me and one of my favorite ladies…My nanny Lettie. 

As always thanks for reading <3




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