Selfish Mom Project: Week 3

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit right? Well week three tested me hard.

There were days this week that I had so many good nuggets planned and to share their soulful insight…Then exhaustion and lack of patience set in and some nights I had to realize plans change and remember my word for the year … FLOW. Go with the flow. <3

I started week three (or Day 17 really) so freaking excited to attend an event only to realize tickets were sold out and there was a waitlist. I panicked got super frustrated with my husband and kids, sent everyone to bed and locked myself outside with a glass of red for a Mommy Time Out! I was frustrated and wondering what the heck I was going to do to make up for it. It was 8:30 pm I was tired and the thought of missing a day with nothing for myself frustrated me more than ever. Opened my book and melted into the cold night air, the book I’m currently obsessed with, and my favorite wine. Took all day and I didn’t know if it was going to happen but that mommy time out I gave myself was the best selfish mom moment I could give myself.

I realized week three needed to be less planned, scaled back financially, and focused more on emotional well being. I needed to end the week feeling good inside with a full heart. I needed to (again) quit stressing so much what had to get done and just enjoy the moments that presented themselves to me. Sometimes its good to plan but sometimes its fun to not and just see what happens.

All in all week 3 (or day 28) is ending perfect and I’m realizing each day the path I’m on isn’t always easy but every minute is totally worth it.

Picture drop of the last ten days.

Day 17 Mommy Time Out – glass of wine, cool night air, and my new favorite book

Day 18 Baby Snuggles & Afternoon Nap

Day 19 Slayed the laundry & New Pj’s

Day 20 Spent the day snuggling my sweet nephew

Day 21 Mother-Daughter Karaoke Night

Day 22 Let the kids create their own dessert. Brownies, marshmallows, with pumpkin drizzle

Day 23 Took my fur baby on a walk 

Day 24 Enjoy the Dallas sunset

Day 25 Force my family in the Christmas Pj’s I bought them

Day 26 90 Minute Hot Yoga Class

Day 27 At Home Spa night

Day 28 Flowers for me and one of my favorite ladies…My nanny Lettie. 

As always thanks for reading <3




Maximus Month 3 Update

He’s the third kid so I’m supposed to be a little late on these updates right? Lol life is crazy.

Our sweet Max is thriving in life. He’s huge. Biggest one of my kids yet and at three months barely fits in three month clothing. I love every single roll on that sweet kids body.

This month he climbed a mountain with me. I carried all 13.5 pounds of him up and down it and thought I might die, but we powered through. We even had a nursing session at the top. It was pretty sweet.

Halloween was so fun dressing a baby up. He got to be three different things: Superman, a giraffe and a skeleton.

I’m enjoying him so much more these days. He’s awake more, gives the biggest pirate smiles and the best snuggles. This boy loves his momma. No belly laughs yet. I’m pretty sure I spend countless hours every day doing the dumbest stuff trying my hardest to get a good laugh out of him but nothing yet.

Big brother and big sister are still pretty in love with him. Jay is so helpful with him and Max literally lights up when Jay walks in the room. Not too much longer till they are getting into trouble together I’m sure.


We still aren’t getting much. Sleep is not Max’s strong suite. He refuses to take a nap in his bed during the day for longer than about 20 -30 minutes. I can usually get about 30-40 minutes if I put him in his swing, the car, or a stroller and we are moving.

Night time is a little better. He loves our bed time routine of bath, bottle/boob, books, and bed. Dino and I have figured out how to split this between the two of us and Dino gives him his bedtime bottle while I two bigger ones to sleep. Once I get Max down he will usually sleep from about 7:30 – 12:30 a.m. After that it’s a free for all. We never know. He was only waking up once but now it’s pretty much every hour from 12:30-7:30 😩 I remember with both my other kids the four month sleep regression so I’m. It super concerned about his schedule being perfect till we get through that but I am so tired. Lol. I’ve resorted to trying to give him positive affirmations at night like ‘Max you are going to sleep so good tonight!’ Lol they aren’t working. Until then I’ll enjoy the extra around the clock snuggles.


Max has no trouble eating! Our little chunk is packing the pounds on quite nicely. He almost completely out of 3 Month clothes. We are loving his thick thighs and short little legs.

I’ve transitioned more to formula than I had planned over this month. After our road trip a couple weeks ago my supply dropped a lot. Thankfully I was able to get most of it back however Max decided he didn’t like to wait very long for my letdown to come in and out of frustration for both of us I resorted to pumping in a bottle and formula. Currently I’m pumping about three times a day. He gets formula and breast milk via a bottle and I’ve been nursing in the middle of the night. He’s very particular on his eating habits and likes everyone quiet while he nurses so you can imagine how difficult this can be in our house, lol.

e month picture drop



Selfish Mom Project – Week 2

First I feel obligated to clear the air to what exactly I’m doing…

Being selfish gets such a negative connotation. Really I’m not practicing being ‘selfish’ I’m practicing actually taking a step back and LIVING life. My blog was shared by a friend this week and it really put it in a better perspective for me even! The sweet friend who shared doesn’t even have kids yet still could relate. I can’t stress enough when our cup isn’t filled as a person not just a mom but as a person it’s hard to fill anyone else’s. If my form of being selfish is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

This project is for me as a wife and mom is to take a step back from what I was doing because it wasn’t working.

To go with the flow a bit because I’m horrible at this and need to work on it.

To find more compassion and grace and give not only to myself these things but give them to others as well.

To find myself again…it’s easy to get lost sometimes and forget.

To reconnect with my spiritual self. This needs to happen the most.

Picture drop of days 8 through 16

Day 8 Start and End my Day with meditation

Day 9 Get dressed in something that made me feel good and leave the house 

Day 10 Send a message to a friend you love

Day 11 Date night (with baby) with adult conversation that totally filled my cup 

Day 12 Face Mask and Super Early bedtime with a book

Day 13 Eat Something Yummy and Not feel guilty about it

Day 14 Mani/Pedi

Day 15 Hair Day – Do something edgy 🙂 

Day 16 Clean Out the Pantry but really who wants to see that so I’m showing my gorgeous house that just got its Xmas lights on! 

As always Thanks for reading! So many of you have been so supportive and sending me messages and emails about how your following suite! Its time to create a movement! Whats one thing you have done to be ‘selfish’ this week? Tag me with your hashtags #selfishmomproject


Selfish Mom Project Week One: You are Worthy

This project is turning into so much more than I had hoped for.

The original idea for the project was to just take the time for myself to do something fun each day. In the beginning I made a list of 60+ things I liked to do and made myself a pretty little calendar and like a workout I promised myself I would do THAT particular thing each day. By day 5 (a really rough day actually) the last thing I wanted to do was take a lush bomb bath, but here comes this Virgo controlling mess I forced myself to do it, even though I would have rather just gone to bed early. I forced myself because I had put it on that pretty little calendar I spent so much time making.

Even before that on day 1 huge revelations were made to me. I did a Theta healing session with my dearest friend Kristina Coons where the realization that I was struggling with feeling worthy of success in my life came out. The word WORTHY has plagued me this week. Showing up everywhere and today in a reike session it came up about five more times. So clear I actually saw a vision that read “SHE’S WORTHY” written in a beautiful font and backwards.

If thats not a clear sign I don’t know what is. I love signs.

I thought this whole experience was going to be a journey of adding in a fun thing each day that I liked to do but really this journey is turning into so much more than I had imagined. Its a journey back to myself and finding what that really is again. Realizing that I am worthy of so many wonderful things.

Picture drop from my last seven days


Theta Healing Session


Day 2 Create a Meditation Space I loved



Get Sweaty


Day 4 Do Something I’ve Never Done Before Hiking Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg Texas


Day 4 Cont.’d Never nursed a baby at the end of a hike! 


Day 5 Take a Lush Bomb Bath – My favorite is the Sex Bomb


Day 6 Color 


Day 7: Reiki Sessions – Healing Vibes


Baby snuggles because why not

As always thanks for reading and following my Selfish Mom Project.