Third Trimester & Working Out

I’ve been getting lots of questions from followers and readers asking if I’m still working out…the answer is YES! The second part of that answer is that its changed a lot from my early days of being able to bust out a hard cardio workout and not being able to make my weekly yoga classes and be in my own tiny home gym. With the house reno’s (hopefully an update this week on that!) we have been moving from place to place and life has been a little chaotic. The last 10 days my workouts haven’t happened at all and my body is feels it. Its screaming for a good cardio/yoga/weight lifting session, but its also screaming for sleep so you can imagine which one is winning.

Making the conscious effort this week to get back at this week and make it a priority again because the benefits of working out while pregnant far out way the need for taking two naps a day.

Some benefits of working out while pregnant:

  • Better Sleep ( I need all of this!)
  • Boost your energy (I haven’t even started nesting yet so Momma really needs this!)
  • Lower Risk of some pregnancy related Complications
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Reduce stress and lift spirits
  • Easier to get your body back after pregnancy
  • Steadier weight gain throughout pregnancy

All these things above I need now more than ever entering my 31st week of pregnancy, along with cleaning up my diet from vacation. So I thought I would share with you guys my game plan for the week to ease my body back into working out from taking a 10 day break. Lots of easy cardio, yoga, and throwing some weights back in there this week. The goal for the week is to feel good and clean out my system from the junk food we have been eating.

When life gets chaotic its easy for those things that make you feel good and are good for you to be the first to go. Often those are the things your sanity and body needs the most. With a third baby on the way, life isn’t looking like its going to slow down at all actually the opposite so might as well figure out a way to work in these quick workouts now while I have the chance right!? All workouts below for the week can be done at home, with or without equipment, are easy on the joints, and done in 40 minutes or less. No need to spend hours feeling good. Thats not what your training for right now, right now we are training for that precious baby coming soon.

Pregnancy Workout

Hope this helps some of you mommas to be out there looking to feel good during a time when your body is doing some crazy weird things. I’ll be sharing more of my journey to third trimester fitness over the week and coming week! <3




My Sweet Girl

I’m lucky enough to have the honor of being a mom to my daughter, Sophia.

Eight short months after we got married we found out we were pregnant. I was 24 years old, terrified, and nine months later with her own agenda Sophia came into our life. She was never an easy baby. She refused to sleep at night or nap most days, walked at 8 months and hasn’t slowed down since, once she started talking she never stopped. She would (and still does) beg me to just stop and talk to people. She was the funniest most exhausting child I had ever met. I was young, easily frustrated, and so many times thought I was being the worst mom ever to her. I think we are often so hard on ourselves as moms and I was no exception with her. There were more days I went to sleep at night thinking I totally failed her on this parenting thing than days I felt I succeed at it.  Almost 8 years later I still find myself often being too hard on her and feeling this way. She’s completely different than my husband and I (such a good thing!). She often doesn’t get the time with me that she really deserves to get so I was over the moon excited to spend a weekend with JUST her and I last weekend.


How did I create such a precious creature I will never know. She’s nothing like me. We often clash in our differences and some days I end in tears thinking I’ve totally failed her. Yet she still gives me the biggest hugs, wants the closest snuggles and tells me I’m the best mom ever. Last weekend we spent the weekend with a group of her friends and their moms on a girls ‘Glamping” trip at Rough Creek Lodge. If you haven’t been to this amazing five star establishment – GO!  We snuck away the last night and went to bed just the two of us. She rubbed my face told me how soft it was, how I was pretty and the best mom ever, and we talked in bed. She told me all kinds of stuff and I’m pretty sure she was still talking when I fell asleep, lol. I saw her do brave things like zip lining, rock climbing, she’s definitely her fathers daughter when it comes to fishing (three fish in ten minutes!), she knew the names of so many flowers and wildlife, and she loves jamming out to old school Britany Spears in the car like her momma. But that massive heart, big ole smile, and being the best hugger she did that all on her own. Her personality is so huge and I just love every thing about her.


I left the weekend thanking God that she’s mine, and thought to myself…”You didn’t do half bad momma. For two young kids having no clue what you were doing…You gotta a really good girl.” I know she was upset (still is) to be getting another brother in a couple months. She prayed so hard for a sister my heart literally broke telling her another brother was coming. But I also know what an amazing big sister she is and how big her heart is. Watching Jay look at her its like she’s the only girl in the world, even if he is annoying and mean to her sometimes. I have no doubt this little guy will feel the same.


We love our sweet girl.

Light Is The New Black : Review

I have been a reading machine the last month and finished my third book! I really hope you guys like reading my book reviews because at this rate there will probably be one a week. I’ve picked up so many good books recently that I literally have to make myself stop reading them! Love finding myself nestled in a cozy spot with a book that is life changing…this book was LIGHT changing.

The basis of this book is finding your inner light. Whatever that may be. The thing that lights you up. That fuels you and makes you want to get up every morning. The thing that you can do and get so lost in that hours go by and you can no longer feel your toes because you’ve been working so hard at it. The light so deep its no longer in your heart but your soul. The part of you that was born to shine.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.58.46 AM

For some of us, me especially, I’ve been dreaming/praying about this light for a long time. I think deep down I knew what it was but of course as it often does in life our two friends “the Ego” and “Fear” step in help you self sabotage your own success in finding this light. We sit still with the same job because its easier and continues to pay the bills (even though we might not be happy) and continue to fight turning on that light because its scary. What will people think? Will they want the services I have to offer? Will they buy my product? Will they think I’m weird/crazy/pathetic if I try something new? We fear the worst case scenario if we take a chance, not realizing that you might actually already be in it!

“Don’t Dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

The world I have been living in the last couple years to me was a competitive zone. I’m a person who thrives on praise and affirmations (its one of my big love languages!) and I love winning, for a while it really was the perfect world. Then it started over taking my life and each month I found myself fighting to be at the top. I never made it as far or high as I wanted to even though I worked my tail off and was doing an amazing job and worse off my loved ones were the ones I found suffering. My passion for what I did, helping others get healthy, truly was my passion (and still is!) but the nuts and bolts behind it were holding me back from truly shinning my light the way God intended it to shine.  I feared letting others down, loosing friends, my customers, but in the end I knew I had so many gifts to offer to not only them but many more people out there.  My light was on but it was so dim because I was too busy trying to hit numbers and winning that it wasn’t able to be as BRIGHT as I knew it could and wanted to be. Most importantly it wasn’t in its most authentic form.

Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is the New Black showed me there is nothing wrong with not only finding my bright light but letting it shine shine shine. She walks you through a practice of Light Sourcing, Meditations (even a meditation on finding your Inner Guides – if you get the opportunity – DO this meditation! It was amazing!), Mantras, and even opportunities to explore yourself and your soul’s calling through Work Your Light exercises at the end of each chapter. I love books like this that allow you to immediately implement what you have read through journaling, so if you do decide to get this book or any of the books I recommend PLEASE journal your way through all of them.

Each person on this planet has a calling in their soul. A reason you were put on this planet. We are wasting life if we don’t allow that light our light to shine as bright as possible. Before I opened this book I knew I was being called to do something big. We all are. What I wasn’t doing was listening to what my soul had to say. I was looking for signs and synchronicity that was surrounding me but not taking action in what they were showing me. This book is perfect for any modern woman looking for her light and finding a way to let it shine. <3

(To purchase this book click HERE. This is an affiliate link where I receive a very small portion of the sales however any an all reviews I do for books are on my own free will because I love them.)

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.39.44 AM




My Summer of Shavasana

Its no lie my love for yoga through this pregnancy has grown so much. Its my new addiction. Its been my saving grace, when I used to pump hard weights in my little home gym, now my body is growing this amazing little person and is begging for slower movements and building strength in new ways.

I’ll admit I was a big skeptic of yoga for years. Embarrassed to attend a class, how could I possibly get strong with out weights? Thankfully realizing this is exactly what my mind and body currently need, I’ve embraced my practice and what it not only does for my growing body but the way is eases my mind and gives me a sense of community I haven’t felt like I’ve had for a while now.

Summer vacation is officially here. Its going to be a busy one. We are starting a small remodel project on our house, both kids are out of school, I feel super pregnant, and we haven’t even started getting ready for another baby (oops!) but in all this I want really focus on not loosing what I have learned over the last month of my Self Love Reset.   I want to focus on making memories, calm, independence, setting up for baby and building my business on a schedule that allows me to enjoy my family at the same time.

All these things have lead me to my Summer of Shavasana.

Summer Savasana

For those of you not familiar with Shavasana or corps pose its a neutral position during yoga usually done at the end of class. Its a pose to help promote total relaxation – also making it one of the most difficult. Your not only attempting to calm the body but the mind as well. As a mom of almost three and a constantly racing mind I struggle with stopping my mind and being present in whatever moment I am in.

However, this summer I am dedicated to taking my body and mind to the mat for yoga and meditation daily. To not just forget everything I have accomplished on my Self Love reset because May is over, but instead take my practice DEEPER and turn it into the Summer of the Shavasana. The goal is to deepen my spirituality, be fully present with my kiddos, practice on mastering the shavasana through a daily yoga practice and meditation, concentrate on building my business on my time and in manifesting some big dreams with some sweat and hard work. Oh and some how in there get ready for a baby #3 <3

Expect some new things coming up on the blog…mindful meditations, custom workouts, meals plans, workshops, private coaching and personal training opportunities, lots of reminiscing of life with two and the huge transition this momma is making  to life with three. Its going to be an amazing summer I feel it <3 I’m done with the days on rushing and doing things the way everyone else see fit. This is our summer of fun.