To my Maximus on your 1st birthday:

I’m not sure how exactly it happened but a whole year has gone by. You are officially one!

You Maximus are my surprise. A surprise I never expected and a surprise I could never do without.

I love when you see me, your dad or brother and sister your sweet eyes light up so big.

I love that your not anyone’s ‘boy’, you truly love your entire family as a unit.

I love that you share a birthday with my brother, who was also a surprise.

I love how your a little bit naughty and sneak your food off the high chair and to the dogs.

When you smile your eyes squint just like mine. I love that you have that like me.

That sweet dimple and those piercing blue eyes like your daddy reminds me before I know it I’ll be fighting the girls away for your attention.

I love how people stop us literally everyday and every where to get a smile from you. You are electric, magnetic and I hope you use those qualities to do good in the world one day.

I love how you look just like Jack Jack from incredibles, no hair and cute as ever.

I pray every single day that you do two things…that you love God with everything in you and that you are a good human.

I want you to trust in God because you are truly proof that we have no control and he has his own plan. And sometimes when your plan doesn’t work out remember he has something better in store for you.

You were that something better for me. You are my daily reminder to surrender to God. That his plan is always better.

Thank you my sweet Maxy for the last year. It was a wild ride. I’m still tired from most of it lol but my heart is fuller with all three of you than I could ever imagine.

Your family loves you and I hope (pray) this is one of 100 happy birthdays you have in your lifetime.

I love you sweet boy.

{Photo drop of our last year}