I go to target every week. I NEVER buy books at Target. Ever. The books are usually located by the toy section and I try with all my power to avoid that section but this particular day I was kid free so I happened to venture in that direction doing my best to avoid women’s clothing and buying another obnoxious cliche shirt. My eyes caught the book “100 Days to Brave” by Annie F. Downs. Intrigued I picked up the book and skimmed through it realizing it actually wasn’t a book at all but more of a daily spiritual devotional.

Perfect. Just what I needed. Something short sweet and meaningful to add to my day.

Skimming a bit further I said a silent prayer thanking the big man upstairs for giving me what I had asked him for the day before – GUIDANCE.

The first assignment (day one) is to make a public declaration that you are committing the next 100 days to ‘being brave’. I honestly do not know what this means in my life but I’m beyond excited to find out. Couldn’t we all use a little more bravery in our life?

Last month my two best friends were visiting and we dived into our love for astrology and zodiac signs. Two of my favorite things. My description stated that my life’s mission was to tap into my spirituality and religion.

From a girl whose was raised in the church, for a moment this sounded crazy to me. I’ve been going to bible class since I was six weeks old! But as an adult have I really realized my full potential and impact I can make on the world? Maybe. I have I really done my best with taking action on creating this impact? No I have not. 

I think these next 100 days of brave is him calling to me to dive further into him. To explore my spirituality. To embrace and completely utterly surrender to his plan. To not just sit back but to ACT on his plan and make an impact.

So today I complete officially day 1. Today I do the assignment given and tell the world I’m completing 100 days to BRAVE. I have no clue what that actually means in my life except for the fact God has called on me right now to complete this journey. Excited to share with all of you and hopefully inspire you to start your own journey to bravery.