Don’t you love when numbers align? Even better that today is National Mental Health Awareness Day. So many people struggle with mental health and I’m a huge advocate for more awareness and taking the steps needed, I thought I’d give you guys some of my go to’s. Happy Thursday giving you guys 10 ways on the 10th of October to be a little Selfish & feel extra good today!

#1. Take a moment to Meditate & Pray. Yes this might require some finagling or maybe even locking your kids in a room. Each day our mind deserves a break. It deserves stillness and nothing. My favorite way to find meditate is either first thing in the morning putting on my headphones (I like to find a good calming song or use the calm app), close my eyes, let thoughts pass or right before I go to bed. My favorite way to pray, all day, every day.


#2. Take Your Mom Tax. I’m a big believer in Mom Tax. We all laugh at about it. Mom Tax is when your kid has a tasty treat or dessert but you get to have the first bite because well everyone pays taxes right? Take your Mom Tax ladies, one bite (try) never killed ya and you deserve it!

#3. Have a crazy ass dance party…I’m not sure what the young VSCO girls call it these days but turn up the music LOUD and dance your booty off. There is NOTHING better than jumping and dancing to a song that moves your body, makes your heart happy and frees your soul. My feel good playlist which I call my “Getting PUMPED PLAYLIST” is below…don’t laugh I love Moana.



#4. Plan the perfect bath…This takes some planning. You might have to tell your husband you need some time (tell him you’ll give sexual favors after you’ve finally shaven your legs), lock the door and tell them your on a conference call with Santa about Christmas I don’t care…once a month (at least!) every momma deserves the perfect bath. Want my essentials? My mala, a candle, a great book, a table and LOTS of lavender bubbles!


#5. Go outside…yes maybe you danced so hard at your dance party but make an effort to move your body outside today…even if its just a walk around the block or even if its rainy and cold where you. Appreciate the scenery somewhere else for a change instead of inside a studio or a gym.


#6. Smile at a stranger or even better compliment a stranger. Seems super silly and harmless but actually smiling and complimenting someone else lifts your mood at the exact same time! Not sure if this is scientifically proven but I promise you will just feel good and be feeling yourself…you never know they might give you one back.

#7. Take 10 minutes to read a book. I don’t care what kind of book it is just read!!! Immersing yourself in literature is one of the greatest blessings we have. The ability to read beautiful words…Some of my favorites over the last couple months are below just give them a click 🙂 I like to read a mix of personal development books and escape reads.


#8. Date yo Self…I date myself once a week and let me just tell you the more I get to know her the more I love her! I love sitting at the bar of a restaurant solo. Its one of my guilty pleasures in life. I have a couple places I like to frequent here in Dallas like Unleavened Kitchen and Wabi House…where they know exactly what I want, give me just enough conversation but still leave me alone AND the food is amazing.


#9. Buy yourself flowers. I’ve never been one to really be into flowers. Frankly we are lucky our dogs are still living because I pretty much forget to feed or water anything besides my kids these days (and even they can make themselves eggs – job here is done!) BUT I have noticed there is nothing like fresh flowers coming in to make a girl feel special. While I was down and out with my explant my BFF Steph Davies sent me flowers and I couldn’t help but smile. Flowers perk us up and make us feel good.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.59.49 PM.png

#10. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST….Actually the most important….Click that little link below to sign up for the list for the early bird pricing of my first book 🙂 Okay its an E-book but its still a book and (fingers-crossed) will be coming to hardback in 2020. My blood (and blood shot eyes staying up all night), sweat and tears went into to this y’all. I wrote for two years almost daily and when it came time to break it down I realized we needed to start simple. Teach the way I started the way I this Selfish Mom Project. I didn’t start with a handbook or a guidebook, each day was different but when I went back and looked at my process I thought, “Wow, having something like a guidebook/workbook to keep me accountable was exactly what I needed.” So here it is and I’m delivering it so you. It will officially be ready for download on November 1 (OMG I just confirmed it!!!) AND like I said come to hardback/paperback/hopefully your front door…early 2020.


SELFISH MOM PROJECT: 60 Day Guide to Being Selfish & Finding Yourself

This was so fun! Two more months left in this amazing fabulous year and I’m gonna do this again 🙂 Especially during the holidays we need all the ideas on how to feel good and be a bit more selfish with ourselves. Tag me in all the fun things you’re doing today with #10onthe10th